Tegan Maharaj

Tegan Maharaj

PhD Student

MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms)
Polytechnique Montreal

Email: first dot last, gmail dot com


I started post-secondary education in biology with a focus on health and neuropsychology, but transitioned to a concentration in ecology. Analyzing results for my honour's research in bioremediation, I was introduced to programming for the first time and quickly realized I wanted to do machine learning. I recieved an NSERC scholarship to particpate in a large-scale research project on climate change, and later participated in a number of coding projects and discovered neural networks.

I began an MSc in computer science with Layachi Bentabet, studying biological realism in deep networks. During this time I was awarded a MITACS scholarship to be a machine learning research intern at iPerceptions, exploring semi-supervised learning in predictive models.

In November 2015 I completed my MSc, and in January 2016 began a PhD focused on deep learning research at MILA with Christopher Pal.

Research Interests

My primary research is in multimodal data understanding, particularly of video and natural language. I founded and organize a reading group at MILA looking at neuroscience and biology, and am particularly interested in models of memory, time, and causality in deep networks. I'm very interested in the application of ML to environmental management, health, and social welfare.


My CV can be found here.



Research blog

You can find my blog here.

I started this blog as part of the course requirements for IFT6266 at UdeM.


I was a TA for the following classes during my undergrad and master's:

I also worked as a tutor at the Computer Science Help Centre at the end of my BSc/beginning of MSc, and at the ITS Helpdesk (troubleshooting and tech support) throughout my BSc.

Talks and presentations